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Nintex Newbie

Need a more efficient merging process for large volumes

A fairly straightforward document use case is still taking an unacceptable amount of babysitting. Please take a look and upvote my suggestion on User Voice if you agree that this would be a great addition to DocGen.


While Mass DocGen from a report allows us to create a large number of documents at once, printing these efficiently involves a lot of babysitting.


Say you generate 2,000 documents that need to be printed and mailed. Your documents are output into the DocGen Queue. Because Lightning list views only allow the selection of 200 items, you have to repeat this process ten times: 

1. Scroll DocGen Queue list view down to expose 200 or more records. 
2. Select 200 records. 
3. Click Download 1 PDF button to merge them into a single PDF. 
4. Wait 5-6 minutes for the Nintex server to process the document merge and ready it for download. 
5. Click to download the "Merged Files.pdf" document (Don't wait too long, or it will expire and be unavailable for download! Hope you were babysitting that process and didn't get distracted by something else!) 
6. Move the downloaded file to a staging folder on your desktop. 
7. Repeat steps 1-6


My proposal is that there is a optional checkbox on the Mass DocGen from Report screen to "Merge All Results." Upon completion of the run, Nintex's servers merge the PDFs into a single PDF (perhaps split into multiple PDFs if there is a file size consideration). When user goes to the DocGen Queue, she sees:

1. DI-00005 Merged PDF (DI-00001 - DI-00004) 
2. DI-00004 Document for Marco 
3. DI-00003 Document for Sally 
4. DI-00002 Document for Jane 
5. DI-00001 Document for John

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Need a more efficient merging process for large volumes

Hi Gabriel - Depending on how old your printer is, you may be able to use an Email delivery option rather than send to the DocGen Queue. 

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