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Nintex Newbie

MASS, record types, templates

We have a custom object with six record types and there are six templates, one per record type.  Our plan is to use Mass to generated documents.  We want a button on a list view that will use the template based on record type.  Is this possible?  Do we need to use a single template, rather than six, with the conditional logic included in the template?

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: MASS, record types, templates

This is possible. What you need to do is push all 6 templates into 1 DocGen pacakge. Then highlight each template and change them from 'Required' to 'Advanced'. Then apply the logic as necessary. For you it might be <<Object_RecordType>> equals (id of record type). You'll need to use the 15 charater id instead of the actual label of the record type. With this method, you would run 1 DDP in Mass, but each run would refer to the record type and use the correct template. Here's some documentation for guidance:


Dynamic Templates

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