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Nintex Newbie

Insert-Updates on Salesforce Child Object

I'm using Nintex for Salesforce. Is it possible to create an insert-update that will update a field on multiple child objects? Specifically, I'm trying to update a field on each Opportunity Product included in my Nintex document. 


Thanks in advance!

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Insert-Updates on Salesforce Child Object



Although insert-updates were not designed to scale in this way, it is possible if you set a maximum on the number of line items you can update. Whether it's two, three, ten or a hundred. You would need to create an insert-update record for the number of line items you'd wish to modify on each DDP run. Just create an insert update that is an 'update to existing record'. Line item one would update to <<OpportunityLineItem_Id>>. Line Item 2 would update to <<OpportunityLineItem_Id__1>>. Line item 3 would update to <<OpportunityLineItem_Id__2>> and so on. Just to be sure to include a filter to account for a blank Id value coming in so the insert-update doesn't try to post to a record that does not exist. 

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