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IF condition and table not printed

Hi - trying to populate SFDC values into the MS Word document:

Problem Description - Based on the Salesforce field values, I have to determine if a value in a table should be displayed in word document or not.  I have such 5 rows where I need to determine if each one of those should be printed in the word doc or not.  

When the condition on first row fails, rest of the table rows are also not populated.  As if remaining 4 conditions are not checked at all.  I have conditions in each of the cells in my table, as I have to show or hide the values based on what's been entered/selected by the user.

Note - for formatting and alignment purposes, I have created outer table, and in one of the cells inserted another 2 column table.

Here is the condition:

{IF "<<obj_Product>>" = "--None--" "" "<<obj_Product>>" \* MERGEFORMAT \*}

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