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Hiding Rows in Excel based on whether a Salesforce field contains data

We are using Salesforce and Nintex for Document generation. We are tagging an Excel Document with data from a custom object. It is working as designed. However, we have run into an interesting request. We want to only display data in the Spreadsheet based on there being data to display. For example, let's say that a field in our custom object contains data then we want to display this row in our Excel spreadsheet. If a field on our custom object in SF does not contain data then we do not want to display the data row.

Now we understand that we can use conditional logic such as an IF statement to 'hide' data but this does not solve the issue as the row is blank and still visible as blank. Effectively from an Excel perspective, we want to either hide the row rather than the field containing the data tag. 

We know this can be done with a Macro and VB in Excel but our understanding is that the Nintex platform does not support the automatic execution of such functionality. The other alternative would be to apply some kind of filter logic to only display templates that support the applicable SF fields, however, I don't see a way to selectively limit which templates a user can access in the Nintex Lightning Component (Yes we using Lightning in SF). 

Any thoughts are guidance is appreciated. 

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