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Group products together on a word template

Can I group related products from an opportunity together on a MS Word template?

For example, I would like to group my hardware products separate from my software products, separate from my services products.

Is this possible?

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Group products together on a word template

Yes, you can group data with the app.

You set up a relationship, then create a template. The relationship needs an alias and a copy type of "Group," and then you select the field you want to use to create the groups in Group By. Here is an image of how my relationship looks. I'm grouping product line items on the opportunity object by ListPrice.


Next you set up the template.  

Mine looks like this:

Grouping Name: <<Opportunity_Name>>




<<Grouping_Table_Start>>Product Name with a quantity of <<Grouping_ListPrice>>

Sales Price



Notice that some of the tags contain the alias from the relationship? In the field tagger, you have to select the grouping to get these tags. As you can see above, my alias is "grouping".  When I created my template, in field tagger, I  selected the opportunity product object, then the Alias field appeared and that's where I selected "grouping" (the alias I set up in the relationship) to get these tags. 

This template will create a separate table for all products with the same list price. 

I'm working on a topic for the support site for grouping. Let me know if you have any questions, because it may help me to create a better topic. 

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