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Getting an Error when I use a column by name "Start__c"



I created a new SOQL relationship which queries an object named Time_Tracker__c which has a column named "Start__c", however when I try to generate the document I get the following error.  "

"There is a problem with the following Document Package Relationship: Name: Time_Tracker__c, Alias:MinStartTime (MetadataInvalid) Include this Error Id if you contact Nintex Support: eecd7d92-c7a1-4c3d-b9be-21e6568c56ac."


When I looked at the Field Tagger for this relationship what I saw is that the Tag for the Column Start__C is "<<MinStartTime_Start>>" and the Tag for the "Replicate Row" is also "<<MinStartTime_Start>>" which could be the problem.  I tried giving an alias for the column in the SOQL query but Nintex does not seem to recognize it.  


Can someone help me solve this problem.

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Getting an Error when I use a column by name "Start__c"

Hi @KumarGHH ,


As you have an error id, I would suggest emailing the support team( and they will be able to help you further.

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