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Nintex Newbie

Force locale to en_GB/English for certain documents



I need to set the locale of some docgen documents in Salesforce to en_GB or English date formatting, DD/MM/YYYY and completely ignore the user's locale settings. This is because I have multiple users that require to print in this format but most of the time don't have those locale settings (they want to view salesforce and print other documents in their local date format).


I have tried doing "MERGEFIELD <<Field>>  \@ DD/MM/YYYY" \* MERGEFORMAT" but I get mixed results, sometimes the month or day gets swapped around. 


Ideally, I'd like to use the "locale" section on the "Docgen Package details" section to force English locale on certain documents. However, if I put in "en_GB", it doesn't seem to work.


Anyone have any ideas?


Thank you.



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Nintex Newbie

Re: Force locale to en_GB/English for certain documents

@lingard Not sure if you are aware, but Drawloop provides tags that format date fields for you. If you reference the screen shot included with this post, you can see that we can format to DD/MM/YYYY with " __s>>" appended to any date field tag. So you can simply use this tag or wrap it within an IF statement using MS Word if you only want to use that format situationally. 



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