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Nintex Newbie

Edit DocuSign Envelope before sending? (Lightning)


I set up a DocGen/Drawloop package with DocuSign delivery in Salesforce. Everything works except that I would like to be able to review and edit the envelope before it gets sent out to signers. In particular, I want to add and tag attachments that are only supposed to be visible to certain signers. 

However, as soon as I enable the option "Signing Preview and Edit" for my DocuSign Delivery Option in setup, that delivery option no longer shows up in the Drawloop Lightning Widget. (I know it works more or less in Classic but we are running Lightning.)

Is there a way to configure DocGen to create an envelope but not send it? (Ideally, DocGen would also automatically open a window with the relevant DocuSign package in their interface, or display a link to such a window.)

(Using the "Send with DocuSign" widget is also not very helpful since it displays an editing window with a height of 50px or so - meaning it is useless.)


Thanks in advance!


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