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Nintex Newbie

Drawloop Document Times in Military Time Display



I am currently running into some issues where my Drawloop Document is merging as expected, but displaying my custom Time Fields from Salesforce in full-length military format. Internally in Salesforce, the times all display as expected, but they remain on international time when merged on the document itself.

I have found ways to override this on the standard today, yesterday date fields, but no documentation on updating custom fields to avoid the military format.

Has anyone run into this before, or know of a solution to change the 17:00:00 references to just show 5:00? Thanks!



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Nintex Newbie

Re: Drawloop Document Times in Military Time Display

For anyone else with a similar issue, here is a workaround formula you can use:

IF (HOUR(Start_Time__c) < 12,

TEXT(HOUR(Start_Time__c)) & ":" & IF(MINUTE(Start_Time__c) > 0, TEXT(MINUTE(Start_Time__c)) + " AM", "00 AM"),

TEXT(HOUR(Start_Time__c)-12) & ":" & IF(MINUTE(Start_Time__c) > 0, TEXT(MINUTE(Start_Time__c)) + " PM", "00 PM"))