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Drawloop API - Section Replication posting to<ddp_id>/

I'm trying to use the section replication feature while posting data to:<ddp_id>/

I tried to follow the hints from another post (section replication not working ) but, although I don't have any errors in the doc generation, section replication doesn't work.
I already contacted the Nintex Support re the copyType keyword sent within the payload, the reply was not really clear to me about how it works the replication:
"Section Copy Type: Allows you to pull in data from Great Grandchild objects. These are created by using Rich Text Content Controls in Word. Within the table it creates, you can then perform Table & Row Copy Type.".

I attach the payload (as payload.json, since pasting here might result difficult to read due to formattign lost).'

I also attach the docx template used in the DDP and the outputted PDF.
The section to replicate should include both the 1st and the 2nd table, but it doesn't works. Any help about what I'm doing wrong in the docx template and/or the payload sent?


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