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DocGen Security

Hi Folks,

I am hoping that someone could shed some light on this for me.

We tried to get DocGen turned on at out company and the security group would not allow it as data (document content) is supposedly pushed up to Nintex and then sent back to us. Apparently my org was not too keen on our and our customer's data moving around to a 3rd party like that.

Can someone clear up what is happening with this?

‌, do you know anything about this? I attended your DocGen session in San Diego but was not aware of out companies position on this at the time.

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Workflow Hero

Re: DocGen Security

Hey Patrick Kelligan‌,

To confirm, you are talking about our Document Generation product inside of Salesforce and not our document generation action correct?

I can assure you that we take security very seriously at Nintex and if you have any specific questions in regards to security concerns it's best to bring them up to your Sales rep who can coordinated getting you answers to your specific questions.


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Workflow Hero

Re: DocGen Security

Hi ‌,

Thanks for the response. I in no way meant to imply that Nintex did not take security seriously. My sincere apologies if that is how the original post came across. If anything, I suspect that the issue is on my org's security team perhaps not understanding the process that takes place when a document is generated. As to the question of DocGen action vs. DocGen Sales Force, I am a bit confused. We do not have the DocGen action or Salesforce available but I am referring to the product where you subscribe and get the ability to produce 5000 documents (at least on the subscription I discussed with sales at xchange). Can you help me understand?

Again, I am sincerely sorry if I made it sound like Nintex security was not up to snuff.

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Re: DocGen Security

Hi Patrick - 

The Document Generation action is what you'll have around 2500 free generations with. 

To enable that action, it should be there in O365 but in On-Prem I believe you have to go into External Form Settings, and then enable Live Settings and also, finally, enable DocGen. 

The Salesforce Document Generation action is within Salesforce itself, and you can add it in over there. 

If you need any help in enabling it in your environment, let me know.



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Re: DocGen Security

Hi Rhia,

Thanks for the response. Ok, it is "live" that our security team had issues with. I will did a little deeper on my end to see what the specific problem was and get with our Nintex sales rep.


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