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Doc Gen mapping that follows 1 to many (master-detail) relationship?

I have a Doc Gen package built off of main object of Opportunity.

There is a master detail relationship from Opportunity to a custom object called "Equipment" (which is similar to SF Asset, also similar to a Opportunity Line Item, with some key differences)

The point is there can be one or more Equipment records associated with a particular Opportunity. I am trying to use DocGen to generate a proposal document which references those (1...n) Equipment records in individual sections of the Proposal document. If there is 1 related piece of Equipment, this document should show that single record's info. If there are 5 Equipment records it is smart enough to loop through 1 to 5 to display each one.

From digging through the site, I believe ??? it is possible to use field tagger, relationships and/or "row replication" to accomplish this but I haven't found clear documentation or a working example to go off on. 

I need to know a) confirmation this is doable and b) a link to a suitable help or documentation article describing how to accomplish this scenario. Hope the question is clear. Thanks for reading this far.

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