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Nintex Newbie

Button Can't Select Quote.ContactId in url

What's the story?  I am trying to create a button that would pass the Quote.ContactId from the Quote object.  It throws an error. 


Here's my button code:



It also doesn't allow Contact Name to be chosen from the Insert Field.  It's kind of a big deal to be able to pass the contact so we can automate who an email goes to once the ddp is generated.  Any advice?

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Button Can't Select Quote.ContactId in url

It's hard to troubleshoot the button config without seeing the error message you are receiving. If you could config this succesfully, the contact's information would pull from tags on the 'Contact' object within the field tagger, the fields you were exploring were on the 'Quote' object. You can work around this by instead creating a lookup relationship from the quote object to the contact object. You'd then map your document using the method highlighted below:


Lookup Relationship + Mapping


As a side note - I noticed that you are choosing to hide the contact selection step in your button. If you are required to pick a contact for your DDP, then the error you are receiving could be due to an empty contact field?


- DocFathers



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