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Allow users to set dates prior to generating DDP?

Hi everyone,

I currently have a DDP set up, which essentially pulls a Salesforce Opportunity report into Excel. The report has been configured and associated with the document package. Depending on who is running the DDP, the preferred dates for the report may fluctuate. Prior to generating the DDP, is it possible to allow a user to enter in a specific date range, or essentially filter the Opportunities displayed in the generated report?



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Re: Allow users to set dates prior to generating DDP?

Hey John Stallings‌,

Absolutely, you can use a Drawloop Form to prompt the user for a start date and end date then pass those dates into the filter dynamically. 

For example:  colDt_s=<<Contract_Start_Date__a>>&colDt_e=<<Contract_End_Date__a>>



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Re: Allow users to set dates prior to generating DDP?

Hey Ryan,

Thanks for this. Definitely getting me on the right track. I had a few

follow up questions though. Can you explain or is there any additional

documentation around the filter syntax you provided below?


example: colDt_s=<<Contract_Start_Date__a>>&colDt_e=<<Contract_End_Date__a>>*

I have a Form Step created with two form fields, "Report Start Date" and

"Report End Date", which I would like to use to set the filter dates of my

Salesforce report. I added the ranges (RPRT_START & RPRT_END) to my Excel

file and am using an Opportunity report to pull into the DDP. The

Opportunity report is using CloseDate in the filter criteria and I'd like

to pass the Report Start/End Date form fields into the filter. Can you help

to explain what the filter syntax would look like for this?

I noticed that Form Steps are not yet available in Lightning. Do you know

if this is on the road map for the near future?



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