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What Object Name do I pass in the Drawloop_Next formula for DocGen Relationships based on a SOQL query

I wish to automate the generation of a document from a salesforce workflow.

I have followed the example in the Nintex documentation and have been  successful in automating via a workflow the generation of a simple (test) document that uses a single salesforce object. , I have created a test package , test workflow and test end point etc.

I now wish to automate a more complicated document that contains merge fields based upon multiple relationships. These relationships use both custom Objects and SOQL queries.

Q1 - For a relationship based on custom object I assume I pass the custom object name in the Drawloop_Next  formula field ? i.e SFcustomobject & Id . or do I use the name in the ALIAS field of the relationship  i.e SFalias & Id

Q2 - For a relationship based on a SOQL query , what is the Object Name to pass in the Drawloop_Next formula field

i.e SFxxxxx ?? Is it the alias ?

Please note; The document is generated correctly when running the document package via the UI.

This would indicate the Document package and the Relationships are correctly defined.

All so, this work is on behalf of a Drawloop customer 


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