Reference record from one SOQL to another SOQL

I have multiple SOQL queries that need to reference the record in my main SOQL query (see attachment 'DocGen package SOQL Query'). 


ProductCatalog_New is my main query.  It pulls in all the data from the main record type.  For each main record, there can be one or more related records using a lookup relationship (Product Catalog Item to Product Catalog Item).  I have a SOQL query created for each related item that has additional fields that need to be pulled into the document (see attachment 'SAMPLE Implementation Form for CANDY STORE'; sections for ACH Blocks or Filters).


How do I get the SOQL query for the related items to reference the record in the main SOQL query?  Right now, the queries are working, but they are putting the data for record ABC onto record XYZ.

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