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Pull Contact details from Multiple Recipients into DocuSign?

Is it possible to pull Contact details for multple users onto a template for DocuSign?  For example,  I have an Approver and a Signer but I only want to pull the Title of the Signer onto the template.  The approver is merely approving the DocuSign and passing it on to the Signer who does the signing and initaling.


How would I go about doing this? 


I notice there is only 1 "Specify the contact to use for the DocGen Package" which replaces both the Approver and Signer if selected.

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Pull Contact details from Multiple Recipients into DocuSign?



You will likely want to setup custom reliationships with alias' to each of the contacts/users for your DocuSign recipients. That way, you can map them directly to each recipient with field tags. You'll just need to change the DocuSign recipient 'specified signer' value from 'selected contact' to 'static name-email' on each recipient. Make sure you mark the correct roles for 'Approver' and 'Signer'


Here's some info on aliasing. You can possibly use our declarative relationships for this. If not, then you may need to use SOQL relationships. 


Aliasing Relationships


Attached is a screen shot of an example of what a recipient config should look like with this method. You can also use the alias tags in the template as well as a default for your recipients. 

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