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Nintex for Salesforce - Overview

Within the Salesforce ecosystem Nintex has two major offerings:

Nintex DocGen for Salesforce

Nintex DocGen for Salesforce is a Salesforce app that allows you to empower your users to accelerate any document creation process such as sales quotes, order forms, proposals, invoices, contracts, account summaries, service documents, and more. Generate documents from any data source or from any document template, and use third-party apps for custom delivery, cloud storage and eSignature—all without leaving Salesforce.

With Nintex DocGen, Salesforce administrators can create business processes that change stage throughout a sales process, trigger approval routing, schedule tasks, and more. Tailor the user experience for individual roles or teams using business logic and user permissions, so people can only see the right documents at the right time. Let's head over to Nintex Learning Central to start understanding how to install and use Nintex DocGen for Salesforce.

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Nintex Workflow for Salesforce

Nintex Workflow for Salesforce is a Lightning app that allows you to access Nintex Workflow Cloud from within Salesforce. Using this app, you can design Nintex workflows, monitor their activity, and pause them, all without leaving Salesforce. You can show Nintex workflow forms directly in relevant records. For example, show a discount approval workflow form in opportunity records.

Move beyond simple task automation to achieve intelligent process optimization natively in Salesforce, and go from quote to close to customer success more often with Nintex Workflow for Salesforce.

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