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Nintex Workflow Cloud for Salesforce

Hello I am creating a workflow for the first time and I am trying to Query the Salesforce so I can reterive the receipient email addresses from the Salesforce. But I am not sure where to store the query response or reterive the only one field from the response received from the Query record.


In the above screenshot Quote ID is the start even variable. I am not sure here how can I reterive the field say Email from the Query record and store it in the variable using Set a variable value.  

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Re: Nintex Workflow Cloud for Salesforce

Hi @Dhana 


I'm assume you're trying to query a specific record and collect all the data in one action. But Salesforce's API works a little differently when outside the echo system. The query only returns the ID as a result. You then have to use a separate call to retrieve the information from that ID. So you'll need two NWC actions. The first is the query action, which you've already setup correctly. The second is the 'Retrieve' action for Salesforce where you can get all the data that is a result of your 'QueryResponse' variable. 


I've attached a screen shot of an example in my tenant that you can review.