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How to create a Drawloop Word Template

In this 9-minute demonstration you'll see how to create a Drawloop Document template that you can use to automatically generate Word documents from Salesforce. This will allow you take advantage of Word formatting to display your Salesforce data.

First, create and configure a New Document Package

  1. Start by opening the Nintex Drawloop App, Drawloop Document Packages tab and clicking on the New button
  2. Configure the document package
  3. From the Drawloop Document Packages tab, select New (or open one of the templates)
  4. Open your Word document and copy tags into the appropriate location
    1. Click on the Field Tagger and copy the appropriate tags from the Field tag list
    2. Note that like PowerPoint, you use the double Less and Greater than symbols: <<tag>>
  5. From the Document Package Template tab save or upload your template

Finally, test your document template by running a sample document.

For detailed guidance on creating and configuring a new Document Package visit the Drawloop documentation.

Related Information:

  • In this example we used Microsoft Word. You can also create Drawloop templates in Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF.