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How to create a Drawloop Document Package

With Nintex Drawloop you can create a document package from any Word, Power Point, Excel or PDF document.

In this 6 minute demonstration you'll see how to create a Drawloop Document package that you can use to automatically generate documents from Salesforce. This video shows the steps required to create an Account Overview document package from a PowerPoint deck that is already loaded into Salesforce, but the steps apply to any document type.

First: Upload your template and add tags

  1. Start by opening the Nintex Drawloop App, Drawloop Document Packages tab and clicking on the New button to start the wizard and configure the settings for your new template.
  2. Click on the Field Tagger and copy the appropriate tags from the Field tag list into your document.
  3. Save your document.

Then, test your document package by running a sample document

For detailed guidance on creating and configuring a new Document Package visit the Drawloop documentation.

Related information:

  • In this example we used PowerPoint. You can also create Drawloop templates in Word, Excel and Adobe PDF.

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Re: How to create a Drawloop Document Package

Hi ,
I have two question's ,
1) I am trying to add new field to existing drowloop package but I am not able to do it ? how to add a record on the drawloop?
2) I am not able to find my existing Docgen drowloop package which I have created earlier , can you help me with that ?
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