Guid Errors in AssureSign for Drawloop

Dear support team, can we please please please have a blog post on the help site of the top 20 most common errors that just display a guid on the Drawloop Component when sending to AssureSign. 


So far I've had

  • Jotblock spelled wrong
  • Jotblock found twice in the document
  • Jotblock not found in the document
  • Document not refreshed or something (each time I change anything I go through about 10 steps to ensure that everything for the AssureSign connection is rebuilt as it's just so fragile). 
  • OAuth error (no idea how to even start to fix that one - I've changed every one of the 4 different login places and it still errors). 


Plus I've seen many requests on this forum where it unhelpfully says contact Support. If you just give me 10 things to try in the 16 hours that I'm waiting for support to respond (waiting for US support), then that would be helpful, and will cut down on these unnecessary support cases.  

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