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DocGen on SalesforceDX Scratch Orgs

Our developers are using SalesforceDX Scratch Orgs in order to develop their changes and deploy them to higher environment, such as sandboxes and production. Scratch Orgs are short-lived, ephemeral development environments where a developer will generally create one small change on the platform and then extract that change as code to deploy elsewhere.


What I need to know is:


1. how we can go about developing DocGen Packages using Scratch Orgs.
2. The answer to that, I believe is a question of exactly what metadata and/or data we need to extract from an environment and deploy to another.

3. We also need to know whether there is any aspect of configuration for the DocGen tool that we cannot extract as metadata or data.

4. Can you tell me what exactly we need to extract to preserve our changes between environments in their entirety?

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