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Add an Image from the Attachment record on an Excel Document

Hey Folks,


I have a simple requirement to show an image present on Attachment of a record in an excel file.

Basically, we are generating a tabular report kind of Excel document from a VF page where data related to one of our custom objects is being displayed. As image being shown on VF page is using, and it is not a public URL so it does not show that image on excel document being generated from VF page (using Content Type as excel).


We have Ninetex/Drawloop subscription as well, where in we are generating multiple excel/PDF/PPT files. But, as checking all the Excel files are referring a custom report. And again in report, we can not show an image. So seems same is not achievable using drawloop as well.


Do you have any idea how can we expose images form attachment on a document (in tabular report format) which is editable (i.e. NOT PDF)?




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