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Nintex Newbie


Hi All, 

I am struggling to get the userProfileLookup runtime function to return any values within an O365 responsive form.

Via the settings of the O365 app I have trusted the app to read the User Profile Service. The profile accounts in use have values in the fields being attempted.

The user account returns email when I add the common property of current user(email) to the title field of a calculated field.

The formula within a calculated field I am attempting to use to present the user account's email address is;

userProfileLookup(Current User (Email), "WorkEmail")

Ideally I am aiming to update further fields from a user account selected in a peoplepicker field, but I wanted to get assurance the runtime was working as expected.

Any advice greatly received.


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Nintex Newbie

Re: userProfileLookup

Have you tried putting quotes around Current User (Email) so it looks like:

userProfileLookup("Current User (Email)", "WorkEmail")? Also, have you tested any other attributes to see if you get anything back?