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send email based on status workflow

Hello everyone,

I am new to working with nintex workflows.  I would appreciate any insight on how I can build this out.  I have created  form that internal employees submit.  Once it is submitted the they get an email confirm that it got submitted and then the reviewer gets an email that a new item was added.  Now the problem that I am having is that once the reviewer goes in and changes the status of the form it doesn't send any notifications.  I can only get it to send when it gets created.  I also noticed that my workflow keeps unselecting Start when an item is changed from the workflow settings. 

That's what my form looks like when the reviewer goes and edits the item.  It is defaulted to In-Review for status.  Below is what my workflow looks like:

I am using the state machine as it seemed like it would do that i needed to do.  Under In Review the state change i have it to move over to Approved and under Approved state change I have to to move to Adjudicated which is the last column.  But how can i add both Approved and Rejected under the same state and then have the workflow send the email based on the status choice.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: send email based on status workflow

Hi Jaime,

did you make sure your workflow goes to the correct state and into the correct "Run if" block upon status change by reviewer? You can add some Logging-Actions inside each If-Block to see which block is actually executed. Maybe you just got some typo inside your conditions (maybe try to switch your conditions to "equals (ignoring case)").

However, I think you could optimize your workflow structure. If I understand your workflow correctly you are always executing every state of your state machine. By using a switch action you could only execute the path that corresponds to the current form status which reduces the duration of your workflow and the performance impact.



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