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"Office 365 update items" action - problems with non text values.

When updating an item in a custom list I want to copy the updates to a another custom list with exactly the same columns.

I have created a simple Nintex list workflow running on modified items. As the target list is in another site collection I'm using the  "Office 365 update items" action.

This goes fine with text columns, note columns, and single value option columns.

But I also want to copy updates between user columns, multi value option columns and multi value lookup columns.

I keep running into two scenarios - either an empty value is copied into the target column or the workflow fails to run with this message:

[InputMetaDataXml] : The 'Fields to update' is invalid. Input string was not in a correct format

I have tried various combinations of the available source and target data formats but haven't found the right combination yet :-(

I would expect that no conversion should be necessary as the target and source columns are of the exact same type.

Please point me to the authoritative guide to the "Office 365 update items" action.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: "Office 365 update items" action - problems with non text values.

I had and still have the exact same issue, I couldn't work it out after trying every possible variable I could think of. I think there may be a bug or issue with the actual action, I just hasn't had the chance to log it with Nintex Support as yet.

My work-around for my scenario is to delete the item before creating it every time, as the "Office 365 Create Item" works perfectly with users or all the columns you've listed above, but as stated the update item doesn't which is why I think the action is busted.

Vadim Tabakman​ any ideas on this one from the technical implementation perspective?

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