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issue with date field and xml

I have a date field in a repeating section. To be able to use the date fields in emails or tables etc I have to:

  1. query the repeating section xml - the output date text is 10/19/2018
  2. convert the value (invariant) - the output date is 19/10/2018 (which is exactly what I want as I'm in Australia and I want the format dd/mm/YYYY)

For 99% of cases I have no problem, but for 1% of submissions, the same suspects over and over again, I have different results. To make is easy to compare the results to the steps above:

  1. query the xml - the output date text is 19/10/2018
  2. convert the value (invariant) - the output date is "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime"

To rectify the situation I must open the form, save it, and restart the workflow. If I don't save the form again the issue persists.

Why does this happen for just some people and not others? In fact, why does this happen at all?

For #nintex365 #nintexonline

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