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Nintex Newbie

can a workflow action be triggered on today

i want to trigger an email when this variable is = Today. how can I make sure the workflow knows when it is today?

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: can a workflow action be triggered on today



Is "this variable" some sort of a date/time type? I assume you are talking about the site workflows, right? So there is no way to trigger the workflow on that specific day. What you can do is to set a "schedule" for the workflow, to be triggered every day. Now the first action you then add is "Filter", that checks if that date/time value of the item you evaluate is equal "Today":



If that is not a case, if you do want to achieve something similar with a list workflow, then I suggest to simply trigger that workflow once an item is created (or updated) and then use the action "Pause untl date" and simply use your date/time field as the moment, when workflow will unpause - so on that particular date:





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