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Workflow Hero

Workflow to Copy Items from Form Library to a List

Hi All - Greetings,

We have an infopath form library, it has a repeating section. Now, I would like to copy all the items that gets created into a SharePoint list, all repeating entries to seperate items. like, If my Form Library entry is -
Select Date: 06/25/2018
Activity Hours
Emails 1
Calls 2
Where Activity & Hours are in a repeating table.
And the desired output, something like -
Date Activity Hours
06/25/2018 Emails 1
06/25/2018 Calls 2
Wanted to understand, if there is a way to do this using a Nintex workflow.
Thank you for reading and your time.
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Workflow Hero

Re: Workflow to Copy Items from Form Library to a List

Try following steps:

1) Use Query XML action to query your repeating section fields and store each of them in respective collection variables

2) Then you can use for each loop inside you have to do collection operations to get individual values for all your fields

3) Use these values to create a new item in your list

4) You can also reference ID# or item URL from your form library to this new list to reference them.

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