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Nintex Newbie

Viewing Form Submission Data in List Item View

Hiya Folks! I have a question regarding Nintex forms after they've been submitted. The view that I currently get when I click on a submitted item, in my list, shows the Nintex form with the fields completed. This isn't the best user experience for someone who is trying to quickly review it. The old SharePoint classic view of list items is better for reviewing the information in a logical manner. Is it possible to still use Nintex to build the form but to view the completed form in SharePoint classic?

Examples attached. The first is of my current Nintex form with completed fields. As you can see, it's not very clean looking or easy to read. The next attachment should look familiar - this is what I'd like the output to look like if possible. A vertical list of completed fields that can be easily scanned by a list owner or team member.

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