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Nintex Newbie

Validation Function For Attachments Control in Task Form

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I have a task form which contains:

  • a "Are you attaching a document?" Yes/ No drop-down Choice control
  • an Attachments control

I would like there to be validation on the Attachments control if the answer to the Choice control is "Yes".

From reviewing previous posts, it looks like I can add an "If" inline function to the "Minimum attachments" field in the Attachments control settings, and set the function to return 1 or 0 based on whether the Choice control is "Yes" or "No". 

However, when I do this and then save the control settings, the formula isn't saved - when I re-open the form, the Minimum attachments field has reverted to the default, "0".


What am I missing here? The formula I am using in the Minimum attachments field is "fn-If(Yes/No Control Name, 1, 0)"

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Validation Function For Attachments Control in Task Form

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The validation for this is a number which is why the formula you are using keeps getting wiped. May I recommend a small workaround.


Add the attachment to a panel and show/hide this based on the check for adding attachments. Then if you are adding attachments you can show a notification in the label for prompting to upload a file, but you cannot require it. 


We are releasing a new responsive designer that has an enhanced rules engine which will allow you to force require the attachment field based on other options etc. If you are interested in using the new designer, then hit up @EuanGamble

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