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Using a List Lookup control to 'lookup' a list on a separate SharePoint Site

I am working on creating a Nintex Form in O365 and running into an issue. We have multiple list we store on a seperate site collection and these list are referenced on multiple forms. In Nintex for SharePoint 2013 you were able to use a "List Lookup" control to reference a list on a seperate site collection. Is this functionality not available in Nintex for O365? I have tried using a relative and full URL's in the field, but receive the same error. Any help or guidance is appreciated!




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Re: Using a List Lookup control to 'lookup' a list on a separate SharePoint Site



Unfortunately as the warning message states: "Loading the available lists failed. Please check the URL you have provided is a valid URL within the current site collection."


So yes, the lookup control does not allow you to get values from a different site collection. The field follows the native SharePoint lookup field functionality, where you cannot lookup to another site collection either.


As the only workaround I see is to put these additional properties to Managed Metadata store and lookup them this way or to create some code to dynamically populate a dropdown field with values form a different SC, obtained by a javascript code.




Regards, Tomasz Poszytek
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