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Nintex Newbie

Using Regex to add a space into a text field

I think I must be missing something.   I was using a regex to replace a character in a text field.   I needed to replace a comma with a semi-colon and a space.   It added the semi-colon but not the space.


Not sure what I am missing here.

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Using Regex to add a space into a text field


It seems you cannot add a space with a regular expression action as you have found out.

The only other way I got this to work was to use the Regular Expression action to split the string based on the comma.  This outputs into a collection variable.  I then used two Get Item From collection actions to get the two parts on either side of the comma.

Then used a build string to put them back togeter with a semicolon and a space.


Workflow looked like this:


Workflow also attached that splits my name Simon,Muntz and changes it to Simon; Muntz and logs it to the history.

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