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Using Nintex Workflows for Office 365 through REST API


I have an app that manages SharePoint content through the REST API, and I want to include support for Nintex Workflows.

These are the problems I need to resolve right now:

  • Detect that a SharePoint Library has related nintex workflows.
    • Reading the forums I noticed that for the Office 365 implementation, I should call the GetTemplatesForItem method from the Workflow service in the O365 REST API, but I made some tests and for a library that has a workflow defined, the service doesn’t returns any template. Is this the right approach?
  • Start a Workflow:
    • After my investigation, I think that the approach for starting a new nintex workflow in an O365 environment is to call the StartWorkflow method of the Workflow REST API (SharePoint). Is this the right approach?

thank you very much,


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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Using Nintex Workflows for Office 365 through REST API

Hi! Just pinging to find out whether you solved the issue with the help found in the Community or by yourself? If by yourself - can you share your solution?
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