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I have used Nintex on-prem for quite a few years, and am having my first experience with Nintex O365 and am seriously underwhelmed.  I understand the challenges of shifting to a Cloud platform, but the product is a few years old now and it still has some massive holes.  Looking back through the history of feature requests, there are some fundamental issues/requests that attract a lot of community interest, but there are no fixes for them.  It would almost look like the product had been abandoned, but we did get some pretty new icons the other day.  /sarc

My main gripes are:

- for a workflow to edit the permissions of a list item, highly-credentialed passwords need to be entered in plain text

- There is no graphical workflow debugging

- The Initial Email of task assignments is buggy: emails take 15-20mins or don't come at all or come without bodies or can't be edited in the workflow

- There's no way to edit the lazy approval text

Happy to be proven wrong on any of this, but I talked the company I work for into this product and I'm quite embarrassed by it.

I'm trying not to be whingey, but there are some serious issues that have dragged out for years.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Underwhelmed

That's true , some of those gripes are being waited for some time by many users and people that collaborate with Nintex features.

Nintex has open arms to receive those complaints in many ways. for example:

-Customer Feedback for Nintex 

-This Community site

-Beta testing programs

-Excellent support


I have been part of almost all of them and I have been surprised the way that those "ways" works.

I suggest you to visit Customer Feedback for Nintex , because you can add your desired features/issues there and other people can vote your posts/ideas and also you can see your post status. Many current features of Nintex products come directly from the proposals of users and collaborators.

 This community site and the users/collaborators also dedicate time to solve/suggest/collaborate current issues, so you can post specific questions and many of us can help you on a solution or workaround and some of us also could tell you if your proposals are on the products roadmap.

Nintex Support is another great alternative to solve issues because they will dedicate quality time for customers that use the products.

Some of your gripes, can be found on the user voice site and you can add votes to them.

1- Passwords >>> WebRequest Action want option to retrieve credentials from secure store – Customer Feedback for Nint... 

2- Debugging >>> It is not proposed, so you can be the first one.

3- Initial Email >>> I remember that I have seen some posts about this subject. Here is an external post >>> Nintex workflow for Office 365-Start a task process not delivering email to ‘Assigned to’ user – Off...  I also suggest you to write to . They will attend your specific case.

4- Lazy apprval  >>> It is not proposed, so you can be the first one to add it to

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Underwhelmed

You aren't alone in your gripes. 

Your best bet is to vote in UserVoice - not only vote, but, also comment with your use-case scenarios - and, collect links to posts you find where users in the community mirror your request.

The Nintex team have proven they're on a mission to get these things done for us. They've pushed out so much in the last little while - we finally have scheduled workflows and action sets - that it is imminent that we get the other items we need.

I've seen a lot of folks remark on the aesthetic differences between the products, which explains the icon design - it's an easy thing to get knocked out of the park, so it makes sense we saw that sooner. I would also expect to see action renaming in the UI for the same reasons.