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Set workflow status from another workflow

Hi O365 team.  Does anyone know if it's possible to set a workflow status from another workflow?  


WF 1: State machine Approval Request WF

WF 2: Separate Withdraw Request WF

The associated form contains separate buttons to activate each WF: Save and Submit button activates WF1; Withdraw button activates WF2.  WF2 contains an action to set its own final status to Withdrawn.  WF2 also terminates WF1 but does not contain behaviour to set WF1 status to Withdrawn - WF1 status, though terminated, remains wherever it was in the approval loop when the user clicked the Withdraw button.

Users are becoming confused because even after WF2 informs them that their request has been withdrawn, WF1 status still shows the process in review (Supervisor Review, Fiscal Review - wherever it last stopped).

Screen shot below.  Any ideas?  Many thanks, everyone!

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Workflow Hero

Re: Set workflow status from another workflow

I cannot check it right now if my idea is 100% feasible, but imo should be

I would try to change your solution that way:

  1. In your WF1 workflow create a parallel branch action. In one branch keep your actions, that do the logic, and in the second one set a loop, that checks the value in the column related to the WF2 status.
  2. The loop should run, and then the "pause for" action should be added, set to ex. 5 minutes, so that the loop runs each 5 minutes.
    1. Alternatively you can use the "Wait for the field change" action so that it will be triggered once the value in the column related to the WF2 status is equal "Withdrawn";
  3. After the value is equal "Withdrawn" execute action in WF1 to set its status to Withdrawn and end.
  4. Remove the "terminate" action from your WF2 workflow.

Hope this helps



Regards, Tomasz Poszytek
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Workflow Hero

Re: Set workflow status from another workflow

Hi Tomasz.  That sounds like a feasible solution.  Unfortunately, WF1 is already 183 actions, there just isn't room to expand.  Was hoping there was something we could add to WF2 to change status of WF1.  May be able to use your recommendation to figure out a work-around.  Will keep trying when time permits.  Thank you!!

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