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Separate notification on user's behalf

I have a question regarding notification. We want mangers to be able to enter multiple users name on one of our form to submit a change request. We want multiple notification to go to Help Desk on behalf of each employee name that is on that form. We don’t want one notification to go out Help Desk listing all the names that are on the form.


i.e. If a manager submits a change request for Mery, Jane and John ….we want 3 notifications sent to Help Desk. 

One on behalf of Mery...Mery's name being displayed on the subject line, another one on behalf of Jane...Jane's name being displayed on the subject line and another one on behalf of John...John's name being displayed on the subject line.

My current workflow loops through the names and send Mery, Jane and John a notification which defeats what we want to do. We don't want them to get any notification at all. Only Help Desk on their behalf.

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Workflow Hero

Re: Separate notification on user's behalf

Sounds like you have the logic already in place. I'm assuming you have a loop defined for the users and have a notification action within it.

Wouldn't you just explicitly put the Help Desk's email address in the To email field and simply place the email addresses of the users in the subject line instead?

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