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Save as Draft button

Within Nintex Forms for O365, what is the best way to bypass mandatory fields without submit a form. Basically what is the best way to create 'Save as Draft' state where a form can be saved back to its host (list / library) without triggering a workflow / or where no workflow is associated?

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Re: Save as Draft button

I'm sure others have some newer creative ideas around this, as far as I know you'll need to build a draft functionality into your process.


- a save/submit always do the same thing as far as SharePoint list data goes, so you'll need two buttons a "Save Only" and a "Submit and Start Workflow"

- For each button connect to a list column saving to a field with Saved or Submitted

- Configure a State Machine workflow that references that field and sends the workflow down the saved path (i.e do nothing or just send an email notification of saved records) or down the submitted path (i.e. run full process)


- You can't really use the Rules for this one, you need to move all your validations to JavaScript validations and only call the JS function when the Submit button is clicked.

- Obviously you need to remove all required field settings from the SharePoint list from this one as a starter

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Re: Save as Draft button


I had a similar issue in on -Premise environment  and did following steps:

  1. Created a number type column "Stage" in the list and set the default value as 1
  2. Added two "Save and Submit" button once as "Submit" and other as "Save as Draft" and connected that button to "Stage" column
  3. In save of "Save as Draft" I set the value of "Stage" as 1 while in case of "Submit" I set "Stage" as 2
  4. I trigger my workflow only when "Stage" is 2
  5. I have added validation rules only when Stage=2 and marked all the mandatory columns as optional for the list
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Re: Save as Draft button

‌, have you found one of these solutions to work? Do let us know. Thanks!

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Re: Save as Draft button


You need to create a form with that has multiple Submit buttons (depending on how many different Status's you have), Save as draft button and uses a Status column. Each Submit button would change values in the Status column and the Save as draft button would not change the Status. In this scenario only one Submit button would be visible at a time (using hide rules based on the status) and Status would ONLY progress with the Submit button.

Step 1

Create a choice column on your list called Status with the following choices:

  • Status 1
  • Status 2
  • Status 3
  • Status 4

Step 2

Set the default value of the Status column to Status 1

Step 3

On your form you will have a Save as draft button and multiple Start Workflow buttons:

  • Start Workflow 1
  • Start Workflow 2
  • Start Workflow 3

(Only one button will be visible at a time based on the form status using hide rules)

Step 4

Each button will be configured to change the value of the Status column:

For example the value returned for each button would be:

  • Start Workflow 1: Status 2
  • Start Workflow 2: Status 3
  • Start Workflow 3: Status 4

Step 5

Create a workflow for each stage and use a Conditional Start that waits for the correct Status.


The Save as draft button does not change the status therefore there is no workflow progress.

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Re: Save as Draft button


Your solution works good for the save as draft and submit button.Thank you.

However when I try to override the mandatory field constraint (which I have set while creating SP list column) using the Nintex form validation rules it doesn't seem to work.

The following is the rule I have applied to make the field invalid only when the field is empty and the stage is not draft i.e.,1


Can Nintex validation rules overrule the SP column constraints ?

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