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Nintex Newbie

Regex - How Do I Add A Line Break?

Has anyone figured out how to add a line break using Regex in O365? Enter, [\r\n], \n all don't work.

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Re: Regex - How Do I Add A Line Break?

Can you provide more details to what you are trying to do? Adding a line break is simply but depends on how you want to capture or group the data to put a line break in front or behind. 

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Regex - How Do I Add A Line Break?

If you are trying to add a line break to Multi line text field via workflow, none of the Nintex onprem options works in Nintex 0365 (e.g [\r\n], \n, <br>, <br/>, {Common:NewLine}, CDATA BR). I got a not so clean workaorund for this issue. Line break can be added using an empty Mutli-line text field and Replace String Regex. Steps shared below.

1) Create a temp Multi-line text column, lets call it "Empty Line Break". 

2) Adding an empty line break column won't just add a line break. This column should have some text to create a line break, so you need to add some value to this column in workflow. So let's set this ~ pattern into "Empty Line Break" field in workflow (Update List Item workflow action).


3) Now in Update List Item workflow action, wherever line break is needed in the multi-line text field, add "Empty Line Break".


4) Using Regular Expression replace pattern ~ to an empty string and then store it in a output variable.


5) Update the output variable back to the Multi-Line text column where you needed the line break.


Again this is not the best solution, hope Nintex fixes this soon because it works fine in Nintex On Prem version.

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