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Querying list and create a new item

Hi ,

I am trying to query a list on certain conditions, get result in a collection and then loop through to create items with the column values of listitems i initially queried. Issue i am facing is that when i query the list a collection is returned and i was not able to fetch respective column values from it. Then i tried to fetch id's and tried to fetch column's value from list look up to create new item. Again i am not able to get the id from collection object, my over all prob is to get the respective column's value from collection  i am using foreach passing collection name and passing a  output value. when i try to read this output value it comes blank? i wish i can do it in C# or javascript

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Re: Querying list and create a new item



can you attach the "Query list" action configuration printscreen? Especially the part where you select columns to return? 

I suspect you are not using the option to get every column in a separate output, but to get them all in a single output.

You can also add "Log to history" action and put your collection variable inside to check its structure. I think you have there a collection withn a collection, so before you move to the "For each" action, you should first use the "Get item from collection" action, to retrieve item with index = 0 and save it as the same collection variable as the input one was. Then loop through it.




Regards, Tomasz Poszytek
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