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Permissions to run Workflows


I have developed an Office  form and workflow in a team site but want to open this so that "Everyone except External users" can execute the form and workflow. My users can can open the form and add an item but they are unable to trigger the workflow - there is no issue for  the team site users such as myself. Is there any special permissions I need to be aware of

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Workflow Hero

Re: Permissions to run Workflows

Hi Daniel,

From what I know, not really. Contribute permission should be sufficient. Minimum Permissions for Nintex Workflow for Office 365

Are you observing different things when you are signed on vs when other users are signed on? Is there any errors?

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Workflow Hero

Re: Permissions to run Workflows


Thanks for your reply. I had set Edit permissions on the list which I will now change to Contribute. In the workflow status the user is get an authorisation exception as they don't have sufficient permissions for a particular list (Guid) . When I get in the office I will locate the list with a bit of PowerShell. I wonder if the list isn't internal to Nintex so may not be in the team site.

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