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Parsing a value from a site workflow to a list workflow


I'm using Nintex O365.


I have a requirement where I need to send an email to different people in an organization with a link to a new form where they complete the form and submit it for their manager approval. This email needs to be sent monthly based on the dates(different dates for different deparments) defined in a SP list. The form submitter and approver are also defined in another sharepoint list based on the Division they work. 


I have defined a site workflow which runs daily and checks the dates on the SP list with the current date and if there are any matching ones, I get the name of the Division and store it in a variable. Then I use that division to get the names of the submitter and approver and store them also in variables. After that I send the email to those submitters with the link to the new form. 


I have defined a list workflow  which triggers once the submitter submitts the form. Now I need to get the approver name to this workflow to send the Approval task. Is there a way to get values from a site workflow to list workflow?


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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Parsing a value from a site workflow to a list workflow

Hi @kavirana,


Where are you pulling the approver from? You could potentially just do a query list at the start of your triggered workflow based on the submitter of the form.

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