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Nintex Newbie

Office 365 Create List Item User Field Value


  • Two SharePoint Sites, SiteA and SiteB, hosted on a single tenant in two separate Site Collections.
  • A List and Library Connector for the tenant.
  • Two lists, one on each site: ListA and ListB on SiteA and SiteB respectively.


When a user modifies an entry on ListA, create an entry on ListB.


I’m using the Office 365 Create List Item or Document Set action.

O365 Create List Item Action

I tested the connector with simple inputs, but the actual situation calls for multiple users to be input on ListB. I tried with just one user, but it didn’t work.

I tried using the user’s LastName, FirstName; their email address, and even their user ID on SharePoint.

The fields I'm using.

I think the workflow is failing on the user - I don't know how to be more certain of that, which is a required field on ListB.

I'm wondering what are the values I should use for User fields?

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