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Nintex Newbie

O365 Workflow - Retrieve Group from list item and assign task to group

Hello there,

I am having trouble with the following scenario in Nintex Workflow:

  1. I have a configuration list specifying approver groups (SharePoint) per process
  2. I have an approval workflow on a doc lib that tries to retrieve the approver group for the matching process of the document from the configuration list and assign in to a variable.
  3. I want then to assign a task to that SharePoint group via that variable

The issue i am having is no matter how i configure retrieval of the group from the list item, it always fails to assign the task due to an invalid value. I tried a variable of type string and User or Group but it always seems to fail to resolve the SP group. In some cases the group appears to be a JSON object in the variable. Any ideas how that can be achieved?

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