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Nintex forms in Office 365

I have a requirement for building a catering form with our client. I would like to use Nintex forms in Office 365 SharePoint online for this requirement.

The Nintex form is created based on the SharePoint online list.


The form should have the following. The forms fields and detail functionality description are provided below.


1.    Meeting date -  Date filed
2.    Catering   supplier – This will be a drop down which will show all the catering suppliers.
3.    The items from each supplier will be shown below after the “Catering   supplier” drop down value is selected. The items from all suppliers will be in a separate list . This list will contain only item name. items name will be like Lunch, Special Lunch etc…. . This can be a lookup field.
4.    The quantity for the each item (after the “Catering   supplier” drop down is selected) to be entered.


The above Nintex form need to be saved and can be edited/viewed later.


I have created the form using  “Cascading Drop Down – With Nintex Form in O365” ( .

but could not find a solution to add form field 4 (The quantity for the each item) mentioned above.  


Could you please advise me how to proceed with the development in Nintex form.

I would like to know whether the above requirement can be achieved using Nintex ?

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Re: Nintex forms in Office 365

Hello JIO SANI‌,

Have you tried building your form using a Repeating Section form control?

form field 1 (Meeting Date) and form field 2 (Catering Supplier) would be at the top of the form. As for form field 3 (items) and form field 4 (quantity) would be treated as line items for the catering order form.

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Re: Nintex forms in Office 365

Hi Adam,

Thank you.

I have tried to use the repeating section.

The "Catering   supplier" is a drop down. The items will be shown in a lookup based on filtering at "Catering   supplier".

The filtering is required since hundreds of  "Catering   supplier" will be listed.

Is it possible to keep only the items lookup/dropdown in the repeating section and  "Catering   supplier" outside the repeating section.

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Re: Nintex forms in Office 365

Hi JIO, 

When applying the filter to the List Lookup control in the repeating section, each row will inherit the filtered values. This shouldn't be a problem at all. 

I have a Choice control called 'ddCatering', which I'll use as the filter value control. From there, I'll point the List Lookup filtering as follows:

The values you'll want to appear on the List Lookup will be the List Column name. The 'Where Field' will be the Catering Supplier column in the source list. If there are spaces in the name of the column, please surround the value in quotes.

From there, just make sure the Filtering Control is the Choice Control used outside of the repeating section.

Thank you,


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