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Multi-value column value confusion

I am recreating a workflow for a SPonline list and Nintex.   


In SP2013 using Nintex I was able to copy the value of a multi-value choice column into a variable and paste it into a text field using only 2 actions (Set-Variable and Set-FieldValue) and  and get a nicely formatted string of text that looked like this:




When I try to to the same thing in SharePoint online with Nintex I get this:



I am using the same workflow actions:


How on earth can I make it work like it used to?  Each item will have a varying number of entries in the variable, so I would need to be able to clean up each one if I have to go that route.  I need to use the cleaned up string in a Powerapp.



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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Multi-value column value confusion


This post appears to be in the Nintex Workflow Cloud section but it looks like you are referring to Nintex for O365.
This solution can be acheived by using the update list item action.

Select the Single lines of Text column you require the metadata to be updated to.
Click the advanced lookup link and choise your Multi Choice column.


Click the X at the end of the field to alter the return type and select the Choices,Comma Delimited option.


When you update the Single lines of text column in this manner you will acheive the results you were after.


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