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Nintex Newbie

Lookup function to Lookup Column - Limits?

Hoping someone has ideas on a workaround for something I've run into.


List A has 11 lookup columns pointing to other site lists.

List B has a Nintex form that uses the lookup runtime function to display values from List A on the form.

Assume a 12th (or more) lookup column is added to List A:

  • The new lookup columns in List A work as expected (display on form, select and save to list)
  • A new lookup runtime function in List B that tries to lookup values in the 12th List A lookup column returns the error #value!


I know in the past there was a limit of 12 list lookup columns, but we seem to be able to create more than this (14 in List A) and they function as expected.  The issue seems to be the Nintex form lookup runtime function not being able to connect to more than the 11th lookup column.

Appreciate any thoughts or ideas.



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Nintex Newbie

Re: Lookup function to Lookup Column - Limits?

I've found a workaround but it's not elegant; adding a List Lookup control to the form filtered by the same control value as you would for the lookup runtime function. 

This returns the matching column value.

Display as radio and use css to hide the radio graphic leaving the lookup's text value.


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