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Lookup a Person field in a different list querying by a taxonomy field type


I'm trying to use Nintex WF to send an email, however, it is going to get the person it needs to send it to from another SharePoint list, and query based on a taxonomy value. 

To describe it better:

MAIN LIST (List the WF runs on)

  • Customer (Taxonomy)
  • Field 1 (Text)


  • Customer (Taxonomy)
  • Manager (Person/Group)

When I use the below test workflow, I use the set workflow variable to get the 'Manager' from the 'Lookup List' and send an email from the 'Main List'. 

When it runs, it stops saying bad request to HTTP. Pasting the REST API URL in my browser, I get the error:

The field 'Customer' of type 'TaxonomyFieldType' cannot be used in the query filter expression.

Looks like it cannot query against a taxonomy field. 

How can I get around this?

Thanks in advance!

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